Using Self Storage for Your Summer Hobby Equipment

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As the summer draws to a close, you might be wondering where to keep your summer outdoor gear for the offseason. Whether you are looking for a comfortable resting place for your boat until it’s back in action next summer or need extra space for all the equipment you use to make summer activities great, self storage is the answer. A few examples of what you might want to store until everyone’s favorite season rolls back around include:

  • Water sports equipment storage
  • Archery and shooting target storage
  • Livestock trailer and equipment storage
  • Fishing or camping gear storage
  • Surfboard, paddleboard, or bicycle storage

At StoreLine, we offer a variety of self storage options catered to your needs. We make it easy to keep track of your equipment and optimize your space by providing storage during the offseason and beyond.

The Benefits of Storing Your Summer Equipment

Storing your summer equipment or vehicles during the offseason offers an array of benefits. From helping to protect your valuable equipment to clearing up space in your garage, storing summer equipment is a perfect option for all.

Convenience and Space Optimization

By storing your equipment when you’re not using it, you can free up space in your garage, shed, or yard, allowing for better organization and more room for other seasonal items. This added space can improve the functionality of your day to day while preventing clutter and enhancing safety around your property.

Additionally, by keeping your summer equipment in a designated storage area, you can easily locate and access them when the next season arrives. This saves you time and effort when retrieving your items for your next adventure!

Protection From Damage and Preserving Equipment Life Span

After you’ve made the investment in your equipment, the last thing you want is to see it damaged from improper storage at home. Storing your items at home exposes them to elements that can degrade your equipment over time. Using self storage for your equipment is a great way to eliminate the risk of damage, avoiding costly repairs or replacements. A covered storage option also protects your equipment from UV rays, which can cause paint to fade or crack.

What Summer Equipment Can or Should You Store?

From boats and kayaks to camping gear and four-wheelers, almost all summer equipment can and should be stored. Storing your equipment provides convenience, protection, and longevity, helping your belongings to remain in good condition while they wait patiently to see you again.

StoreLine offers a variety of storage unit sizes depending on your summer equipment needs. Check out our available storage units and find a home for your prized possessions today!

Winter Boat Storage

Boat on a lake, with a dog and its owner on board.

Boats and the summer season are like peanut butter and jelly—they make the perfect pair. Boats and winter, however, don’t pair as well. If you own a boat, you know how difficult it can be to find a place for it during the offseason. Winter boat storage is crucial for protecting your watercraft during the colder months when you’re not using it.

Storing your boat in a storage unit can help you keep it protected from damage from the elements. Along with this, winter boat storage reduces the risk of theft and vandalism. By investing in winter boat storage, you can better protect your boat’s integrity and ensure it’s prepared for your future water escapades.

Four-Wheeler and Vehicle Trailer Storage

Four-wheelers, dirtbikes, motorcycles, and utility trailers are essentials for an array of summer activities, but they sure know how to take up space. Storing your small vehicle and/or vehicle trailer can protect the exterior and mechanical components over time while freeing up space. Be sure to find a storage facility near you so your vehicle is easily accessible and ready to use when you want to hit the trails or embark on an adventure.

Livestock and Horse Trailer Storage

Looking for a better parking solution for your small livestock or horse trailer during the off months? Select StoreLine self storage facilities can accommodate smaller trailers in our vehicle storage areas, saving you the hassle of dealing with getting in and out of tricky parking spots or keeping an eyesore around on the property for no reason. Just be sure to measure the full length of your trailer from the hitch to the back bumper before renting to ensure it’s a fit!

Kayak Storage

Properly storing your kayak when it’s not in use can protect it from exposure to elements, helping preserve its integrity and extend its life span. When looking for a storage facility for your kayak, make sure to find one that has specialized racks, as storing it off the ground prevents warping, hull distortion, and other structural issues.

Where To Store Camping Gear

Storing your camping gear in a designated area keeps it protected from potential damage or loss. Taking the time to properly store your camping gear not only maintains its quality but also makes your camping experiences more enjoyable and hassle-free. The same goes for keeping hunting, fishing, and archery equipment in self storage!

Rent Your Summer Equipment Storage Unit at StoreLine Today

At StoreLine, we offer a variety of storage units catered to your summer equipment storage needs. With amenities like drive-up access, online payments, high-level security features, autopay, and affordable rates, StoreLine is the premier destination for your summer equipment. Check out our storage unit size guide for help determining the space you need, and visit our list of frequently asked questions for any questions you have.

Find a StoreLine Self Storage facility near you, browse our available units, and rent or reserve a unit online today!

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